Summer 2024 SHOP 

Our next Voces Solis & Summer Singers merch shop is now open online from June 2-24 with apparel and gear items either screen printed or embroidered with the VS & SS logos.  Delivery is typically about a month from the time the store ends.  Check out the items and order your VS merch today!

Voces Solis partners with Greater Pittsburgh Specialty Advertising (GPSA) at various times throughout the year to create online apparel and merchandise stores with the Voces Solis and Summer Singers logos embroidered or screen printed on items.  Typically the stores are open for a 2-week window before holidays or summer events, with delivery approximately 3-4 weeks after the store closes.  Store links will be posted on this page when available.

Additionally, we have in stock several items including: metal water bottles and tumblers with "sing for your summer" printed on them, keychains with the VS logo, pens and pencils with both Voces Solis and Summer Singers logos.  If interested in these items, contact